Co-Design Your Diamond Engagement Rings August 12, 2015

We offer a unique bespoke service which means you can be involved in the creation of your new stunning diamond engagement rings at every stage of the process. You may have been inspired by something you have seen — a favourite place, a much-loved flower, or a magical sunset. Perhaps you have an idea for a piece of jewellery that you can’t quite put into words or maybe she just deserves something completely original. Choosing the bespoke service gives you the freedom to play with ideas and create something that is 100% personal, in the safe hands of one of our talented team of designers. All our jewellery started life as a flash of inspiration. After all diamonds and weddings are inspiring. Discuss rings, earrings and other jewelry ideas with our certified designers and they will involve you in the process, from first sketches to finished creation. Only when you’re happy with the set design will your piece of jewellery setting become a reality. The end result guarantee: a unique piece of men’s or women’s jewellery that will tell her a story, capture a moment in time and be treasured for generations to come. Read More About Diamond Engagement Rings in Sydney Here